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Delicious Tag Challenge: Final Results


On June 1st, my 30-day challenge was clearly defined: 150.

You see, I was starting a new account. This collection would provide the backstory to my WordPress blog about enhancing communications to engage customers and empower the community at large.

My tags had more in store for me than I expected.

By about day 20, my tags had tipped 150. In fact, the challenge ended on day 30 with 197 tags used 2+ times to bookmark 81 articles related to Web 2.0 creative strategy and development! Clearly Gladwell’s Tipping Point concept (150 points of influence) was not enough for my tag portfolio. That’s worth a closer look. Here’s how they bundled week by week.

From EAMCC on

What were some surprises?

For one, my bookmarked articles (and consequently tags) tend towards the granular, how-t0 aspects of creative consulting — and beyond.  Some tags popped up unexpectedly and are now proving vital to the mix.  These include:

  1. Usability. Keeping content and communications transparent at the front end requires a macro understanding of topics (and some technology) at the back end.
  2. Social networking. By trying to scrunch Social, the behavior, with Social, the media, the value of the tag was seriously compromised. (That’s now corrected!)
  3. Enterprise tags. Certain enterprises are leading the way in shaping our Web 2.0 world. Ad Age and MediaPost are well worth the tag, providing a clear trail of developing topics or ongoing reports.

Generated with Wordle (© 2009), here’s a wordprint of Day 30, both the top ten tags (upper left) and the top 150 of the full 197 tag cluster. Business trails close to Social Media as my top tag. Web2.0, research, and tools hold strong in the top ten — as you might expect.


Except in rare cases, you won’t see the actual content in my blog posts. Instead, my bookmarks offer a personal, eclectic think thank of ideas, resources and tips that I can use directly, share with friends, or keep handy for that rainy day of open inspiration. Scroll down and you’ll find a feed of my latest bookmarks in the sidebar.  You’re also welcome to add a feed to your browser.

Hope you’re inspired to do a challenge of your own. Report back if you do and share the results.

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