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Can you spot the message in this tag cluster wordprint created with Wordle (© 2009)?

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Compiled 6.22 to 6.29.09, these unique tags organize my bookmarks of news, sites, and research related to  serving as an independent creative consultant. This week’s it’s about Web 2.0 technology and . . .


Usability, after all, describes both the process and goal of Web 2.0 technology:

Awareness → proficiency → fluency → transparency → engagement.

This week, I found myself bookmarking a heads-on battle of new product launches and major upgrades. As both a user and marketer (like you, perhaps?), I must frequently  relearn the curve that leads to fluency and transparency. This includes:

  • Reading about and testing new products like bing from Microsoft. Just launched in June, many consumers report hearing news about this new search/decision engine that’s supposed to give Google and Yahoo a serious run for their money.
  • Bookmarking also helps me get on board to begin testing new features on Facebook, Twitter and Firefox, as well as spin-off apps like TweetDeck (my personal favorite). (My tech to-do list still includes testing

Here are two featured bookmarks

Here look and see what happens as Twitter reshapes our culture and social behaviors: Usage has more than tripled in the past 12 months according to Nielsen. Steve Rubel featured this chart and reviewed the stats in his recent blogpost Micro Persuasion: The Latest Social Media stats from Nielsen

Time on twitter is growing

Time on Twitter is Growing

As the usage curve rises, marketers need to stay on board — get ahead of the curve — and create relevant content that will continue to engage viewers as the clutter moves from one screen to another.

Next, this USA Today Photo Gallery shows how agencies are fluent as creative masters, engaging consumers with creativity that delivers results. This Tourism Queensland piece took top honors in the direct marketing competition at Cannes.

Best Job in the World Response Campaign

"Best Job in the World" Response Campaign

Recapping my 30-Day Tag Challenge


Day 28: Usability

Day 21: Personalization

Day 14: Engagement

Day 7: Analytics

Recap: Why I’m optimizing tag value

The purpose of my challenge was to optimize the value of my tags with a brand-new bookmarking service. In fact, I chose for its enhanced usability. I’m planning to compile the smallest number of tags that I can use with the greatest frequency to deliver the most important information with the greatest efficiency (Whooo HOO!)

On Day One, I set my sights on 150 tags to test Gladwell’s Tipping Point concept (2007, audio). Day 28 shows that I’ve actually tipped 180 tags (2+ uses), and average nearly 3 tags per bookmark.

When my challenge closes in two days, I’ll have to go back and see what my tags are telling me, decide which to keep, which to consolidate. So come back and look for a summary next week.

Best — tag on! And, of course, join me on

Here’s an excerpt that you’re welcome to share with friends.

“Usability bundles up my tag cluster for 6.29.09. As both a user and marketer (like you, perhaps?), I must frequently relearn the curve that leads to Web 2.0 fluency, transparency, and, ultimately, engagement.” Elizabeth A. McCaffrey, Urban Bellwether (6.29.29)

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