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Quote: “Trust” in Social Media


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Trust / Authentic

“With Twitter and social media in general, there really aren’t any rules yet. It’s still defining itself,” he said. “You need to trust the one who tweets…”

David Puner, communications manager for Dunkin’ Brands Inc,
at OMMA Social Conference,

in Media Post (6.24.09)

The pulse point of Trust ties to authenticity in social media. That’s why David Puner gets my best quote vote this week. Authenticity only goes so far. It’s the base that attracts the following, trust indicates engagement and relationship. If you trust someone, you’re pre-disposed to recommend that person by way of introduction, positive word of mouth or flat-out evangelizing their character, product, or services.

It’s similar to marketers who preach, “It takes a second purchase to make a buyer a customer.”



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