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Delicious Tag Challenge Day 21


A Personalization Face-off

From EAMCC on

While my goal was 150* tags, I’ve tipped over to 160 tags (2+ uses) for 64 bookmarks.

Day 7: Analytics

Day 14: Engagement

And now,

Day 21: Personalization

We’re not talking the old-style personalization here.

You know the old-style CRM methods of customization achieved by mining data and building clusters. That still works and will continue to be important. But in this Web 2.0 world, it’s looking like consumers have even championed and re-defined the meaning of terms like personalization.

Frequency and Loyalty (%)
BYO – Chat!

In Web 2.0, personalization is user-generated and managed revelation.

That means how much data, personal or professional, they want to reveal in their profiles, posts, links and comments. As we’ve all learned, once it’s out there,  you can’t take it back.  That’s why business professionals are especially keen on the risks and opportunities of socializing online.

The width of the lens (i.e., how granular) isn’t so important as the authenticity. Developing a social plan or persona is entirely different from personal branding. It can’t be implemented so much as managed, reviewed, and realigned.


Here’s a sample bookmark

How Do You Balance Personal and Professional on Social Media — a great blogpost from Hubspot — epitomizes this week’s tag cluster.  The blogger suggests developing a delicate balance of quirkiness, identity and integrity. In fact, so many keep posting comments (a comment notice popped up even as I’m editing this page!) that it begs a special Urban Bellwether post about personalization in social network and people’s response to the article.  Will post here next week.

* Why I’m optimizing tag value

Day 21 shows I’m at over 160 tags used 2 or more times (averaging 2+ tags per bookmark).  It will be interesting to see if I pull back or perhaps set the level at 175, for example.

My tag challenge has been to optimize the value of my tags. I’m hoping to compile the smallest number of tags that I can use with the greatest frequency. I’ve aimed for 150 tags to test Gladwell’s Tipping Point concept (2007, audio). It’s become an interesting test in value and loyalty. How I cultivate my tag and bookmark garden reveals how I participate in my community and share information with peers. (BTW, all my Twitter analytics note that share links at above average levels. That’s the teacher in me.)

Also look for me on Twitter where I’ll post a Twitpic of the tag challenge wordprint for you to look at and retweet.

Best — tag on! And, of course, join me on


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