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Delicious Tag Challenge Update: Day 14


134 tags in 14 days – 16 to go

A big bundle of engagement

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Last week’s bookmarks tagged their way nicely into an Analytics bundle. By day 14, tags have swelled into 134 tags and lurched lurched back into social topics: crowdsourcing, language, and personalization. That’s due largely to the recent launch of new consumer-based search and social platforms, Bing and that launched just today.

Crowdsourcing, personalization, and language seem like an odd combination on the surface.

  • The new platform provides crowd-sourced decision making.
  • Facebook now offers community members personalized urls. In fact, within the first hour, 1 million users had customized their urls.
  • Even the NYTimes, staunchly conservative in its impeccable writing style is learning a thing or two about how readers engage with the text set before them.

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What’s the bundle  tag cluster? Engagement!

Engagement marks the next chapter in consumer-generated, consumer-managed commerce.  The whole question “Who owns the brand?” is already giving way to  search technologies, personalization, and customization that are becoming the domain of the user in fast order. That’s still a 180-turnaround for most marketers.

Consumers are already engaging — with each other for research, information, and opinion. They’re interacting with the documents and information you provide, that’s personalization language. Only the companies that can stay ahead of the wave can make it work.

“Get out of our way, marketers,” the message seems to be. “We’ll do our own searching from trusted peers or screen for like-minded influencers. We’ll do our own personalization and targeting on sites like Facebook.” Whatever you call it, groundswell, Web2.0 or sway, it’s real. Crowdsourcing turns research and customization on its head. As marketers and creatives, we need to catch up and stay current.

Recap — about my challenge

Right now, I’ve organized 45 articles on creative and marketing with 134 tags (2+). My top goal remains 150. Borrowing from Gladwell’s Tipping Point (2007, audio), 150 tags gives me a full range of tools for organizing and prioritizing the multi-tidbits of trivia, trends, and white papers that flesh out the business of consulting. You don’t expect to see the same assortment in tags from my source material that you’d see here in my blog— or yours — or, ultimately, in the work we produce for clients and customers. You see the result— empowered process, content, and community.

You can review the full tag challenge in my Picasa web album. And, of course, you’ll see my recent delicious bookmarks listed in this blog’s sidebar (left column, below the archives).

How do you tag? What challenges do you face? Post your comments here.


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