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Update: 30-Day Tag Challenge on


Analytics runs strong 06.05.09

30-Day Challege

Increase the range of my tags.


150 tags based on Malcom Gladwell’s Tipping Point (2002, paperback).


111 of 150 tags

This week’s tags can be bundled with the header “analytics.” That’s not surprising.  As a creative consultant, analytics keep me brainstorming about engagement at the front end and measuring success at the back.

It’s also timely. A few weeks back, I served as a Judging Chair to Round One of the International ECHO Awards sponsored by the Direct Marketing Association. We arrived early and huddled to discern parameters that would help our teams review materials. Over and over, the question came up, “Yes it’s great. Is it direct marketing as we’ve always practiced it?”

Direct marketing has been stalwart in attributing success to precise, measurable response from a list/database to individual marketing communications.  With multi-channel marketing now the norm, this premise continues to be revisited and debated by purists and pioneers.

The question of analytics and effectiveness — both raw data and the methods — isn’t just in direct marketing. This discussion rattles every corner of every marketing and advertising cubicle.

Put Ad on Web. Count Clicks. Revise , for example, ran recently in the Technology section of The NYTimes.  The article describes the growing importance of back-end analysis to the advertising business overall. It suggests that layoffs on Wall Street could prove a bonus for Madison Avenue. Finding it very useful, I bookmarked it, and applied a set of tags, leading with analytics.

To see the full set of articles with these featured tags, visit me on

The future of Web 2.0 requires significant progress in effective analytics. Analytics is a lifeline to the other side of Web 2.0 and marketers that will hold ground through the recession.

Staying informed is essential. So tag on, bookmark, and see you next week. What are your tags? Your comments are welcome.


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