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Welcome to my delicious (.com) tag cloud


How did this happen?

Left-brain tags | Right-brain process

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Popped into Wordle (© 2009 Jonathan Feinberg), my tag cloud shows a distinct left-brain shift from my blog tags that are decidedly right-brain.

Should that concern me as a blogger or a creative consultant? Is there some un-mindful mapping going on?

Not really. In fact, it reinforces my premise that creatives who aspire to excellence and leadership naturally become immersed in (or engaged by, take your pick) all aspects of a business process. This is especially true for creative practitioners of interactive marketing in all its forms.

Creative process is contextual, vertical, and scalable.

What does this mean for someone who practices interactive marketing in all its traditional and emerging forms. The numerous articles that I read, bookmark, and tag cover a wide range of topics that impact social media, brand, advertising, due diligence. Oh yes, let’s not forget awards, campaigns and creative trends.

It’s clear that knowing how customers think, behave, and respond isn’t just interesting:

  • It’s vital to creating relevant content.
  • It’s essential given the reality of measurable response as an indicator of “creative” success or effectiveness.
  • It’s  mission-critical to keep up with all the metrics-in-motion that get touted and tossed as social media continues to emerge and codify.

Like any good teacher/creative director, I’m an eternal student, learning not only what works but why. Knowing more empowers me to serve clients and communities with confidence. That’s why I bookmark a wide range of articles frequently. You never know when an idea will be useful to you individually or to a client or project by association.

Join me in a 30-day tag challenge.

Do you bookmark already with We may share some of the same tags already. Try extending the scope of your bookmarks by one new tag every 2-3 days. In 30 days, let’s see where our bookmarks, tags, and learning have taken us. Whatever  new cloud emerges, you can be sure our creative process will be richer for the experience.



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