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:15 Buzz Glossary Update


Visual Thesaurus just launched a great new tool, VocabGrabber™. For any text that you copy and paste in, VocabGrabber provides three types of visualization, and category-based analysis of the vocabulary.

As a first try, I c & p’ed text from this week’s Glossary of Buzz Update that features 4 terms: brand churches, moment of truth, touch points, and pulse points. Selecting from a number of options created a :15 skim that looks like a flash card.
So try it out and just make sure to give full credit to Thinkmap, Inc. — they absolutely deserve it. Then come back here and share your experience.
You can read the full post below or link in to the Glossary of Buzz.

Flash Card - Brand Buzzwords

Flash Card - Brand Buzzwords


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