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Stocking your Social Brand Shopping Cart: Overview


There’s no time to waste!

  • In 2008, 1 in every 11 minutes of Internet activity was spent in networking socially through blogs and online communities.
  • That’s 10% of all Internet activity, according to Global Faces and Networked Places, a 2008 year-end report from Nielsen Online.

Grab your social branding shopping cart and let’s inspect our options in this first of two pieces on creating effective social brand conversations (Click for a close-up view.  Created with word prints. © 1998-2009 Thinkmap, Inc.)

What makes for good social brand conversation?

What makes for good social brand conversation?

1. Just remember – it’s in our nature to tell and share stories.

AIDA and the 4Ps have become the “once upon a time” methods, replaced by what blogger David Miranda, describes as the 5Cs: “Consumers, Context, Convenience, Convergence, and Community.”

Web 2.5 is all about community and story-telling, where you’re jumping in the middle of the story, don’t control who picks it up or how the story ends.

All consumers are not created equal, and influencers differentiate themselves from ‘typical’ consumers because of their innate desire to speak out and be heard, and to ultimately impact the behavior of others in their social networks.

Riding the Wave of Social Networking Insights and Tactics for Publishers, Marketers and Agencies | Nielsen Online Webinar, March 25, 2009

2. Admit – we’ve trained the community to filter first, listen second.

One and a half centuries of daily ad exposure — somewhere between 3,000 and 5,000 messages, experts tell us — have taught us to filter what we see, hear, and experience as consumers and community members. In this open community, people gravitate to conversation vs. conversion. That’s a big leap for traditional brands.

3. Ask yourself, “What would the community be missing if our brand didn’t participate in the conversation?”

Loyalty – one biggest hurdles for marketers – comes first! It’s as simple as that. Listen first, share, then talk, and community will follow.

4. Listen carefully.

With the right mix of social-ability, your followers can become your best promoters [influencers]according research by Sametrix, Inc.  

According to the study, each person who is considered highly likely to recommend a company and its products (a.k.a., a Promoter) is worth about half a new customer in terms of WOM marketing value.

Vince Nowinski, Director of Methodology, Satmetrix, Inc. in an interview Aaron Baier appearing in “Poor Customer Service Drains Brand Equity,” Marketing Daily, 3.11.09.

Fill up your list with the 5cs…grab your cart and let’s go!

In Part Two/The Inside View, we’ll listen in to what the social community is already telling us about

  • pushing vs. pulling,
  • engaging vs. promoting…
  • and a whole lot more.

Then you’ll be geared to create a nutritional social media mix for your brand.

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