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Sidewalk Marketing Lessons

Upside Down or One-to-One?

Upside Down or One-to-One?

Brainstorms happen to those who step away from the computer. This sidewalk sign at the top of a scaffold caught my eye — first as a major guffaw, then as a spot on lesson in marketing.

Of course, to me as a consumer, the sign was upside down.

I’m just walking along on my way for a tea @ Starbucks and then a walk along the Promenade.

When, duh, to me as the marketer, the sign was spot on.

To any potential guerrilla marketer hoping to use this scaffold as an advertising media, the sign was right on target, right at the touch point it needed to be.

Was it successful? Well, I could photograph it, so¬† that says something. Now I’ll have to go back and see.

Just another interesting lesson in building your communications from the customer’s point of view.

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