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Twitter: My first 90 days


Twitter provides a daily do-tank of addressing a standing question, “What are you doing?”

140 -> Tweet!

140 -> Tweet!

Each 140-character post challenges me to be mindful of my followers — current and potential. I keep it brief, detailed, and affirmative.

  • Applying plain American English style keeps the posts short naturally (i.e., active voice).
  • Editing AIDA keeps the content real, fun, and engaging.
  • Making it fun to look at (i.e., visual literacy) keeps it authentic.

Writing authentically, as every blogger learns, is key — x 2 in Twitter. The first few posts felt like linguistic navel gazing. After about 20 tweets — and with a little practice — the tweets happen in the blink of an eye. Now I can confidently say that for quick relief from brand guidelines, positioning, and SWOT, look to micro-blogging.

Like every new Tweeter, I was put off a bit. How would the media/channel impact the dialogue, my brand, and my community? It’s akin to hearing your own recorded voice for the first time.

Twitter simply resonates your existing dialogue style, brand, and vernacular of your community. Whether it comes across positively or negatively depends on both the style and content of your posts.

As a response-based copywriter, these first 90 days helped me test the value proposition of micro-blogging — especially in a Twitter world. Here’s what I’ve learned. Adding Twitter:

  • Delivers granularity to your online presence (marketing/branding) and relationships.
  • Invites colleagues to stop by and experience my process real-time. Effective, complementary process is vital to collaboration and strategic creative development.
  • Engages 3rd and 4th-degree connections. This valuable community is not easily reached through traditional face-to-face and online networking channels.

Most of all tweeting refreshes my professional, creative point of view. It provides new perspectives on touch points, sweet spots, brand issues, and business trends.

Here’s the most fascinating thing: The days featuring the greatest variety of posts (vs. number ) delivered the highest engagement (measured as new followers, retweets, and replies).

That’s a nice, sweet, and surprising sound for any marketer, writer, and tweeter.

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