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Tag Clouds of a Delicious November (slide)



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This tag cloud slide gallery accompanies Making Delicious in November: my top 5 bookmarks. This month, it was about enterprises blinking to consumer protests, the FTC shrinking (i.e., pulling the plug) on scam websites, and thought leaders mulling over gamification and social media.

Which tag catches your eye?

Each featured bookmarked article gives you live links for clicking through to my delicious stacks. Here are the top five bookmark for this month:

Gamification trends enhancement Saatchi IPSOS research

By year’s end, you can expect close to 1,000 articles on current news, and great long-term information for marketers— agency or client-side.

What’s your experience of 2011 trends?

What are the business topics and issues that have impacted your business the most in 2011? What are the topics you’re planning to tackle in 2012? Post your comments here.  Best, E.

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